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Keeping Clutches Performing In Corpus Christi

 Many think that driving a high-performance brand car is even better with a manual transmission. A manual is more responsive to the driver and allows for faster take-offs than a model with an automatic. However, one problem with a manual transmission is that the clutch will eventually fail and need replacement.

Conversely, in sports cars, a clutch replacement is not an extensive repair. In performance vehicles made in countries such as Europe and Japan, clutch repair must be completed with expertise and care to make sure it performs as well as when it was new.

Brands We Service

The majority of brands serviced for clutch repair are:

We also repair and service many other car brands that are considered some of the best in the world.

Signs of
Clutch Failure

Operated and maintained properly, a clutch can last for many years. However, excessive shifting, riding the clutch, and other abuses can greatly reduce its life. Here are signs your clutch needs repair:

  • Gear Will Not Shift: When a clutch is pressed down, the gear shift should smoothly slide into the next gear. If, while shifting the transmission gears, force must be used to change gears, your clutch may be the problem. This is also true if the gear will not shift at all.
  • A Spongy Feel: Your clutch uses hydraulic fluid to give it resistance against your foot. If the clutch drops straight to the floor without any resistance, it is time for a clutch repair.
  • Grinding or Chatter Sounds: Even if your gears are shifting when pressing the clutch, you may hear grinding or chattering sounds when shifting gears. These sounds are signs your clutch does not allow the gear to change cleanly. Have your clutch serviced before you find yourself stranded on the road while driving.

Have Your Clutch Fixed by Professionals

Your car should perform just as it did the day you drove it out of the dealership. Understanding how high-performance clutches work and how to repair them is what we enjoy. If you have clutch issues and live in the South Texas area of Corpus Christi, bring your car in for an evaluation and repair. We also proudly help drivers from surrounding areas including:

We will also save you money over dealership prices so please call or visit Corpus Auto Service today to schedule your next appointment.

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