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Corpus Christi’s Suspension Experts

Your car’s suspension system is the skeletal support your vehicle needs to perform as designed. A malfunctioning suspension will lead to damage to the rest of the car, or at its worst, cause a severe accident by causing you to lose control of your car on a Corpus Christi coastal highway.

These dangers are especially true in cars designed to perform at high speeds and while making hard turns.

In today’s performance cars, high-tech suspension systems such as hydraulic or air suspensions need proper and frequent servicing to help them perform as engineered.

Our Suspension Brand Expertise

Knowing how to repair a suspension system when it malfunctions on a highly-engineered car is essential. The experts at Corpus Auto Service understand what to look for before it breaks to maintain your car's reliability and your peace of mind.

Here are a few top brands with sensitive suspension systems that need proper inspection and servicing:

We also service dependable brands such as Toyota, Honda, and others.

Why Regular Service
is Needed

To understand why standard and frequent service needs to take place on your car, here are several issues that will arise if servicing does not take place.

  • Damage from potholes, speed bumps, and other road hazards will damage your suspension’s components. Bushings, tie rods, and other essential parts allow you to control your car. If these are damaged, it can cause dangerous driving issues.
  • Over time, hydraulic or pneumatic suspension systems will spring leaks. This is common for all systems under pressure. Cars that are regularly serviced by a certified mechanic will rarely have this issue, since it is part of the overall inspection process.
  • A suspension system in poor condition will cause your tires to wear unevenly and at a fast rate. A bad suspension causes your car to have alignment problems that eat away at your tire’s rubber tread. Replacing tires frequently is a costly side-effect.

Give Your Suspension What it Deserves

Don’t take a chance on letting your car’s suspension function any less than as it was designed by the manufacturer. With scheduled maintenance, we will perform minor tweaks and repairs, along with leak checks. If you are living in the Corpus Christi area, place your car on a service plan at our shop to keep your suspension performing at a high level. We also help drivers in surrounding areas like:

Call or visit our shop today to schedule your next appointment.

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Corpus Auto Service Coupons

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