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Longevity, reliability, performance, and style are the top reasons to purchase a high-end automobile. Whether an Acura or an Astin Martin, you expect specific quality results from your vehicle. All brands will require repair at some point in its life. The question is when?

Transmissions in high-performing cars need regular servicing to keep them functioning as they did off the showroom floor. Keeping your car serviced will result in minor repairs compared to any required expensive overhauls. If you live in the Corpus Christi area, you’ll need expert service for your quality vehicle to keep it running smoothly on the road for years.

Brands We Service

Our long list of highly-engineered vehicles we service is a testament to the training and certification we place on our superior technicians. Below is a list of several top brands we service:

Signs a Transmission
Needs Service

Without your brand’s recommended inspection frequency, some signs will eventually arise without regular servicing to your vehicle to let you know your car needs repair. If you have any of these symptoms, bring your car to us at Corpus Auto Service.

  • Whining noise coming from your car's transmission. This can indicate anything from low fluid to a failing transmission.
  • Car not shifting smoothly. If your vehicle jerks or lunges forward when shifting gears, bring it in for servicing right away.
  • Overheating issues. Clogged transmission lines and other problems can cause your car to overheat and create severe damage to the transmission and motor.
  • Not shifting gears at all. This is a sure sign of transmission failure or insufficient fluid to make the gear change. Do not operate your vehicle at this time. Have it inspected and serviced immediately.

The best way to avoid all of these issues is to bring your car in for regularly-scheduled maintenance based on your brand's needs. By doing so, you can prevent expensive and major repairs.

Let UsHelp

Our commitment for all of those who live in the Corpus Christi area is to keep your quality-built car performing at its best for years to come. We also welcome drivers from surrounding cities including:

Don’t wait for costly transmission issues. Let us set up a scheduled service with our certified technicians to ensure your car runs as designed by your manufacturer.

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Corpus Auto Service Coupons

  • Corpus Auto Service
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