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Oil is essential for the smooth running of the engine. Your Jaguar engine needs clean oil to continue performing efficiently and to have a long lifespan. Oil helps lubricate the removing parts inside your engine and prevents them from overheating. This heat can potentially warp metal if it goes unchecked. Between the oil and water pump, your engine is kept at optimum level for the best driving condition for your Jaguar.

Oil naturally deteriorates with time due to contaminants, chemical changes, and high temperature and pressure in the engine. Contaminated oil will change in consistency, texture, and color. Therefore, you need to check your engine oil regularly to ensure that it is of the proper quality. Oil changes are a part of responsible car ownership.

Common Reasons for Irregular Oil Texture in Your Jaguar

  • Extreme heat: Extreme heat in the engine causes oil oxidation, deposits, and thickening of oils. Light molecules evaporate in high temperatures, leaving large and heavy molecules behind. Consequently, the oil viscosity Conventional motor oils are highly susceptible to breakdown in high heat. They may form sludge deposits on engine components. It is advisable to use a Jaguar-approved oil that can better withstand the engine conditions of your car or the oil that your maintenance expert will recommend.
  • Contaminants: The common contaminants include dirt and dust that may get in the engine through faulty air cleaners or crankcase ventilation. Also, metal particles produced by the engine wear and are picked up by oil as it circulates. These contaminants may change the texture of your engine oil.
  • Additives: Additives are added to the base oil to help protect engine components. These additives include viscosity index improvers, corrosion inhibitors, and antifoaming agents. However, additives perform specific tasks and are affected differently by the engine environment. When a particular additive breaks down under the pressure of the engine, it will compromise the oil quality.
  • Combustion byproduct: Combustion byproducts like water, acids, soot, and carbon may also cause irregular oil texture in your Jaguar. Soot creates sludge that can clog filters. Sludge deposits on oil pump screens limit oil flow leading to accelerated wear in engine parts. The unburned fuel may leak into the crankcase leading to oil dilution.
  • Broken air filters: Air filters prevent dirt and debris from entering the engine. A broken air filter may allow dirt particles to pass and mix with oil consequently, affecting its texture.

The Importance of Changing Your Engine Oil

Irregular oil texture is a clear symptom of bad oil that needs to be changed. Your Jaguar is a high-performance car and requires a regular oil change every 4,000 to 6,000 miles.

Changing your engine oil will allow your engine to perform at its optimum levels. Fresh oil provides efficient lubrication that reduces friction and heat produced by the engine components. Also, changing the oil gets rid of debris and dirt from the engine.

If you are not sure when to change your engine oil you can visit a repair shop specialized in Jaguar for routine maintenance.

Additionally, a regular oil change will get you better gas mileage. When you clean all the grit and dirt from your Jaguar’s engine, the engine will perform optimally and use the gas efficiently.

Dirty oil causes a buildup of hydrocarbons inside the engine’s crankcase. The hydrocarbons get burned up and released into the atmosphere through the exhaust system. When your car is in this condition, you might not pass the required emission test.

Expert Jaguar Service at Corpus Auto Service

An oil change may sound too simple to improve Jaguar Oil Change your engine performance, but it’s vital to your enjoyment of your ride. When you notice your oil has irregular texture or has other contamination signs, you should seek expert Jaguar service for your vehicle.

Corpus Auto Service is your best auto service center for your Jaguar. We have a team of experienced professionals trained to work with the latest tools and equipment to offer unparalleled service. We provide high-quality services to drivers in the Portland, Rockport, Aransas Pass, Calallen, Corpus Christi, TX areas. Additionally, our services come with a one-year warranty. Give us a call today and let us earn your business!

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