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Despite the remarkable engineering behind Jaguar’s air suspension system, the components can still fail after an extended period of use. Issues can also be accelerated by bad driving habits. Jaguar owners are usually tempted to drive faster and harder than the manufacturer’s recommendations due to the powerful engine, but this often leads to intense wear and tear of the air suspension system.

Jaguar is a top pick amongst European drivers because it can drive comfortably even under tough conditions. The vehicles have an air suspension system to aid in delivering the smooth and comfortable driving experience that the brand promises. The air suspension system helps level all road imperfections and ensures the vehicle occupants enjoy a smooth ride. It then becomes essential to ensure proper maintenance of this air suspension system.

Why does the air suspension system in a jaguar fail?

The failure of air suspension in your Jaguar is inevitable because the system is susceptible to natural wear and tear, which happens after an extended period of use. The system is even more complicated because its proper functionality relies on a host of other electronic sensory components of the car, making it difficult to manage. Discussed below are some of the causes of your Jaguar’s air suspension system failure.

  • Bad driving habits: Some drivers tend to overstress their vehicle capability while driving. Making sharp and abrupt turns as well as driving through potholes and speed bumps at high speed all tend to accelerate the wear and consequent tear of your Jaguar’s air suspension system.
  • Airbag leakages: Another factor that can cause the system’s failure is air leakage from the suspension system. This air leak usually occurs when one or more airbags are damaged. Leaking of an airbag is one of the most consistent causes of air suspension system failure since it leaves the suspension system compromised.
  • Air compressor failure: The air suspension system relies on several components, including the air compressor, for proper functioning. The compressor is responsible for pumping the appropriate proportion of air and regulates the air pressure in the airbag so the bag can function as a spring. Damage in one of the components making up the suspension system, such as an airbag leak, puts pressure on the compressor, which ultimately causes it to wear out. When the air compressor wears out, it may cause the suspension system to fail, thereby impacting your driving experience.

Signs of a Failing Air Suspension System in your Jaguar

The air suspension system in your Jaguar is instrumental in delivering a smooth driving experience. Keeping the system in perfect condition requires proper and constant maintenance. Certain noticeable symptoms characterize the failure of the air suspension system. If your vehicle shows any of the following signs, you may need to visit an expert.

  • Vehicle resting lower to one side: When you observe that your Jaguar is resting lower on one side than the other, you should get it checked out as that might result from an airbag leak. Early detection and fixing might help prevent further damage and eliminate the risk of spending more on repairs.
  • Reduced vehicle performance: Of course, you need to visit an expert when you notice a change in your vehicle’s performance. When you start to feel the vibrations of road imperfection in the vehicle cabin or the impacts from driving through speed bumps, it is an indication that your suspension system needs inspection.
  • Unusual sounds: The air suspension system most likely signals that something is amiss when the suspension system begins to make odd or unusual sounds while driving.

Leaving the problem unattended can cause further damage to other vehicle parts. You can always stay ahead of the air suspension system failure by consulting a Jaguar specialist whenever you notice any of these symptoms.

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