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Mercedes vehicles are a statement of luxury and privilege, but it requires continuous maintenance to keep the machines in good shape and maintain their functionality. Mercedes vehicles particularly need tailored attention because of their difference from every other vehicle on the market.

If there is any complaint common to Mercedes drivers, it is an issue with turnover or engine starting. We know the extreme inconvenience that one might experience trying to start their Mercedes in the morning so they could leave for work, only the car won’t start.

Many Mercedes drivers use their vehicle daily. Naturally, this wear begins to take its toll on the engine. So, if you encounter a starting problem in your Mercedes, it will be helpful to know a little bit about the potential causes and signs that points to problems with weak cranking.

Factors that Lead to Weak Cranking Problems

The issue of weak cranking usually has root causes in the engine:

  • Battery Health: Mercedes batteries are designed for up to a decade’s use, provided there is proper maintenance. Your car’s battery utilizes a chemical reaction between lead and sulphuric acid for the production of the electricity used in starting it and to engage the lights and accessories when the car isn’t running. This chemical reaction produces some amount of current, so the battery size determines the amount of current it can produce.
  • Failing Alternator: Alternators are supposed to charge the battery continually as the motor runs, and if this isn’t working, the battery won’t be charged enough to start the car or keep it running. If your Mercedes has weak cranking or is unable to start, the battery and the alternator are usually the first parts to check. As your engine runs, your alternator is expected to produce enough electricity to run the vehicle, and if it happens to be low on output, then you will have an issue with the charging system.
  • Fuel System Malfunction: An appropriate combination of fuel and oxygen is required for the engine of your Mercedes to start. Your fuel pump might just be responsible for the cranking issues your car is experiencing, leading to issues with the combustion process. Sometimes, your fuel pump might become clogged with build-up and residue of materials and this will prevent it from supplying the engine with the adequate amount of fuel required to start the engine during initial combustion.
  • Starter Issues: The source of starter motor problems can come from diverse locations within the system, and issues with the starter motor usually affect the starter fuse’s The cause of the weak cranking you might be experiencing in your Mercedes could be attributed to the starter motor. There could be a high level of current flowing through electrical contacts that power the starter motor and its spinning motion, but the contacts can wear out over time. You might not be able to discover this problem without the help of our professional mechanics so bring your Mercedes to us so we can run a complete diagnostic test to get to the root of the issue.
  • Bad Wiring: In order to function properly, your starter needs two wires, the large one running straight from the battery and supplying power to the starter, while the smaller wire is a signal created from turning your key, instructing the starter to engage and make use of all the power that comes from the battery. If any of the wires are creating a poor connection or become rusted or broken, they may not give off enough power for the car to start. The wires can be replaced by automotive technicians if this is the case.

Allow our Mercedes Experts to Assist You

Weak cranking can really be a frustrating problem, it Mercedes New Alternator Installation can cause delays and unwanted expenses as well. However, such issues are avoidable if you engage us at Corpus Auto Services. We serve clients in and around Portland, Rockport, Aransas Pass, Cal Allen, and Corpus Christi, TX. For routine diagnostic checks for your car, or if you are currently experiencing weak cranking issues with your Mercedes, we are happy to offer our professional services to repair your car and restore it to top condition.

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