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Land Rovers may experience transmission problems resulting in transmission failure. This popular British brand is a subsidiary of Jaguar Land Rover and was founded in 2008 to produce luxury off-road vehicles sure to fit the needs of a wide variety of customers.

These luxury automobiles are designed to enhance the driving experience for those who choose them whether they be driving down the highway with the music turned up or down a back road with the windows down. While Land Rovers are designed using state-of-the-art equipment, transmission failure may occur.

What does the transmission do?

All Land Rover vehicles are designed with either a manual or automatic transmission beneath the hood. This transmission is responsible for transferring power from the driveshaft to the wheels allowing the vehicle to move.

To propel your vehicle forward or put the car in reverse, you must choose the appropriate gear for the right speed. In doing so, you also maximize the vehicle’s power and fuel economy. If your vehicle was built with a manual transmission, you will utilize a clutch pedal and gear shift to manually select the appropriate gear, whereas an automatic transmission takes the effort for you and chooses the gear itself.

What causes transmission failure?

Transmission issues can be the result of many different things and getting to the root of the problem will help you to fix it much more quickly. Land Rover experts in Corpus Christi have joined forces to help you better understand what causes transmission failure in these popular vehicles.

Transmission fluid

Transmission fluid is designed to lubricate the various parts within the transmission, prevent oxidation and rust, as well as maintain fluid pressure and gasket lubrication. Land Rover requires each model to have a specified amount of clean transmission fluid at all times in the reservoir.

When transmission fluid becomes too low, the driver may experience shifting issues including erratic, delayed, or not shifting at all as well as a grinding noise from the gears grinding together due to a lack of lubrication or an illuminated check engine light on the dashboard.

Parts failure

The transmission is made up of several smaller parts that must work together in harmony to allow the vehicle to shift gears when prompted depending on the speed and direction in which the driver wishes to move their vehicle. When these parts begin to fail, the transmission is unable to function as it was designed to, leaving the driver stuck where they are at.

Some of these parts include:

  • A faulty torque converter causes the transmission fluid to overheat or gears to begin slipping.
  • Worn down bands that can result in delayed shifting, shifting at much higher RPMs than needed, or the inability to put the vehicle in reverse.
  • Software issues in the transmission control unit causing erratic shifting.

The above-mentioned issues can also result in your Land Rover entering into what experts call “limp mode” meaning you will still be able to drive. However, you will have a significant reduction in power. It is not recommended to continue driving your Land Rover long term while it is in limp mode to avoid further damage.

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At Corpus Auto Service, we are a family-owned and operated facility that has been helping drivers of Texas for more than 35 years in several areas including:

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Our team of ASE Certified technicians uses factory-grade, high-quality diagnostic tools and equipment to accurately diagnose your vehicle’s issues as soon as possible and begin repairs once a service agreement has been made. All repair work provided by our highly skilled technicians is backed by our one-year warranty.

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