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Land Rovers are unique vehicles known for their high performance on roads and durability off roads. To achieve this, various components that serve different purposes come together. One of those parts is the parking brake.

The parking brake (also known as the emergency brake) of your Land Rover is essential in its entirety. The parking brake allows you to park your car on an incline and add extra braking power to hold your car in this position. Without the parking brake, your car may roll to its demise. If you notice any fault with your parking brake, you should fix it immediately.

Your car is bound to experience faults due to wear and tear, so when you notice the signs listed below, seek help from professionals.

  • Brake warning light: If the parking brake of your Land Rover fails, the brake warning light will become illuminated. The brake light is found on the dashboard of your Land Rover with the other warning indicators. Usually, the brake warning lights come on when you turn on your car and go off immediately. However, when there’s a brake failure, it will stay on. When you notice this, call for an appointment for service because driving with a faulty parking brake puts you at risk.
  • Unresponsive parking brake: When you park your car on an incline, if you notice that the brake refuses to hold, that is a direct indication of parking brake failure. The braking system has tension on the rear brake to keep the car in place but on a steep hill, it may not be enough. If you engage your parking brake but it does not prevent your car from rolling backwards, it needs servicing right away.
  • Resistance of the brake: If you notice that the motion of your brakes is not as smooth as it used to be, it means it is time for some repair or maintenance. It is usual for the parking brake of your Land Rover to wear after a period of constant usage. However, routine maintenance can prevent it from happening quickly. Hence, always have your brakes inspected when you take in your car for servicing.

How to Prevent Parking Brake Failure

Like every other part of your vehicle, the parking brake requires routine maintenance for proper functionality. Ensure that the technicians inspect your brakes whenever you take your car to the auto repair shop for service. Sometimes, the signs appear late when the damage has already occurred. Having the components of your Land Rover inspected at scheduled intervals puts you ahead of any problems.

If you drive your Land Rover often and make frequent stops, your brakes will need regular servicing than those that do not drive often. Cars always make weird sounds when things are not right. So, always listen to the sounds your vehicle makes. When you notice any changes or suspect a problem, report it to your skilled Land Rover mechanic.

Corpus Auto Service can handle your Parking Brake Repairs

Corpus Auto Service is the auto repair shop your Land Rover needs for all its repairs and maintenance. We have been repairing European vehicle’s for Land Rover Parking Sensor Check over 35 years, and our clientele in Portland, Rockport, Aransas Pass, Cal Allen, and Corpus Christi, TX, can testify to our excellent services through their online reviews.

Our mechanics are ASE-certified with expert knowledge and skilful training in repairing a wide array of European car brands, including Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, Mini Cooper, Mercedes, Land Rover, Jaguar, Volvo, Porsche, Fiat, domestic, and import vehicles.

At Corpus Auto Service, we are intentional about pleasing all our customers and treating them right. We offer our customers a 1 year warranty from the time of service so that if their cars experience any fault within that period, we handle it for free. We are always at your service, and you can reach us through calls, our website, or by visiting our shop today. We look forward to becoming your repeat Land Rover specialists for all your service and maintenance needs. Give us a call today to speak to our friendly technicians about your car care needs.

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