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BMW uses twin-turbo engines in their vehicles. Larger engines like these have a higher fuel demand to run efficiently. A High-Pressure Fuel Pump (HPFP) is a mechanical system, driven by a camshaft. Unlike a regular fuel pump, the HPFP is able to provide this bigger engine with enough fuel to run sufficiently.

The high-pressure fuel pump uses a solenoid to control the volume and pressure within the pump. So, if the solenoid fails, your BMW will go into low-pressure mode to protect itself and to allow you to get it to a BMW specialist for repair. Let’s take a closer look at the high-pressure fuel pump, symptoms of a problem, possible causes, and where to go for help with your BMW to keep it running in top condition on the roads.

Symptoms of HPFP Failure

In 2010, BMW issued a recall for faulty HPFPs in vehicles manufactured between 2007 to 2010. This recall affected approximately 130,000 cars. It is unclear of the exact cause, whether it be poorly engineered parts or something in the environment causing break down.

Below are a few things to look for that may indicate a problem has arisen with your high-pressure fuel pump:

  • limp mode activation
  • engine stalls
  • difficulty starting your car
  • check engine light

A failing or failed high-pressure fuel pump causes a limited flow of gases to the engine block. When this occurs, the engine is unable to function properly, thus leading to limp mode activation or even a stalled-out engine.

Causes of HPFP Failure in Your BMW

There is no sure-fire cause of the failure of your high-pressure fuel pump in your BMW. It could be the result of something within the environment breaking down the part, such as excessive heat, or it could simply be poor manufacturing. However, let’s dive deeper into a few possible causes of your HPFP failure.

  • The use of poor-quality oil: The use of oil in your vehicle other than the manufacturer recommended oil, may increase the wear on your high-pressure fuel pump thus resulting in failure.
  • Lack of oil changes: Low oil levels, or a lack of proper service intervals, increase the friction between the camshaft and lobes.
  • Leaks in the injector pump: Due to the high pressure created from injecting fuel into the pump, an increased risk a leak will occur there. If your injector pump leaks, the functionality of the engine is impaired due to a carbon build-up.
  • Solenoid failure: A solenoid controls the volume of a high-pressure fuel pump by changing the port location. When this fails to happen, a decrease in pressure occurs resulting in failure.

BMW recommends regular inspections of the HPFP to ensure it is working as it should and has not been damaged. If you should find yourself with a failed high-pressure fuel pump, it is recommended to upgrade your vehicle software and replace the faulty part with a newer one.

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At Corpus Auto Service, we provide high-quality services to all customers of Coastal Bend. We are conveniently located in Corpus Christi and serve the local communities of Portland, Rockport, Aransas Pass, and Calallen, TX.

We are a family-owned and operated auto repair shop. Our technicians are ASE certified & highly trained. We offer a number of amenities including:

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