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Changing your oil regularly in your Jaguar is a part of the routine maintenance and service checklist. Besides being told that it is a part of your Jaguar’s routine care, you may wonder as to the importance of regular oil changes.

You should change the oil regularly in your Jaguar due to it getting dirty from being used over time. When the oil becomes dirty, it does not lubricate your engine efficiently, which causes excess heat in your engine, degraded performance, and eventually engine failure.

To keep your Jaguar on the road, regularly changing your oil is essential. The next step in the process would be to know when to change your oil, what type of oil you should use, and how often. When deciding to get the oil changed on your Jaguar, it is important to choose an experienced mechanic who specializes in the care of Jaguars.

When To Change The Oil In Your Jaguar

Most newer models of Jaguars come with an oil life tracker that comes preinstalled in your vehicle’s dashboard. When your oil gets changed, the tracker is then updated to reflect the new oil life.

  • Oil Life Tracker: You should get your oil changed when your oil life tracker on your dashboard alerts you to the need. The tracker normally alerts you when your Jaguar has about 10% oil life left.
  • 16,000 Miles: It is recommended that you get your oil changed every 16,000 miles when using full synthetic oil in your Jaguar.
  • Every 12 Months: If you do not drive very often or if your Jaguar has sat for a long period of time, it may require an oil change before the oil life tracker or 16,000 It is recommended to get your oil changed every 12 months in your vehicle so it doesn’t lose its viscosity.

The old saying that you need to get your oil changed every 3,000 miles is no longer true for newer vehicles. Vehicles have become more efficient at using their oil, and the oil life has increased because of it. The type of oil also makes a big impact on how long it lasts.

Type Of Oil To Use In Your Jaguar

The type of oil that you use in your Jaguar will impact your vehicle’s life and performance. Your Jaguar is a high-performance vehicle that requires a higher quality oil than most other cars on the road.

The types of oil are:

  • Conventional: Conventional oil is the basic type of oil that most vehicles use. It is not recommended that you use conventional oil in your Jaguar. Think of your Jaguar as an athlete, and conventional oil is akin to junk food. This type of oil will work, but it will reduce performance and the life span of your vehicle.
  • Synthetic Blend: Synthetic blended oil is a mixture of synthetic oil and conventional. The blend is a cheaper option than full synthetic and provides better performance than conventional. This is your middle choice.
  • Full Synthetic: Fully synthetic oil is the best type that you could use with your Jaguar. It is manufactured to provide the best performance and life for your Jaguar. It may be more expensive than the other options, but it should really be your only choice if you care about your vehicle.

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